The primary mission of the Pleasant Hill Community Development Corporation is to enhance the quality of life for all residents who live in poverty stricken communities locally around the world,  and to foster the stabilization of the community. 

We focus on Educational Advancement, Economic Empowerment, Workforce Development, and Civic Responsibility.

The Pleasant Hill Community Development Corporation is a forward thinking organization that is passionate about creating opportunities for children to meet their full potential.  We believe that every child needs to be treasured, protected, nurtured and given the tools to maximize their potential. We target children between the ages of 0 – 18 years who are from disadvantaged backgrounds, precarious life situations or have special needs. Our goal is a simple one, we want to see children and families become ENABLED and EMPOWERED, Thus we have created a grassroots project called SEEK (Services to Enable and Empower Kids).

We are currently serving children in the Pleasant Hill and Bloomfield communities as well as children and families from the greater Macon area. We also offer consulting services to non-profit organizations that enable them to more effectively serve communities in the United States of America and overseas. We have the desire and potential to reach as many families as possible, but to do so, we need your help and support. The psycho-social impacts of poverty can be debilitating and over 40% of children in Bibb County live below the poverty level. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to enhance the quality of life for these children including; mentoring, academic support, character education, recreational activities, behavior interventions and therapy. Unfortunately, the costs of these services make them inaccessible to many of our communities’ children.

On Sunday September 20, 2015, at 6 p.m. The Pleasant Hill Community Development Corporation will hold our second Annual SEEK Gala at the Macon Marriott Civic Center Hotel's Grand Ballroom. The fundraising event is established to support children in our community who all deserve to be given wings so they can soar above barriers and seek to reach their full potential. The funds raised will help in the opening of the Bloomfield Preparatory Academy (charter school) which will create alternative opportunities for our children to achieve and grow.

The SEEK Gala is our annual philanthropic event and we are hoping to raise over $500,000 in donations. We estimate this event will help us offer services to many children and families in need and put a tangible dent in the effect of poverty in children’s lives in Macon Georgia.

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